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This takes a gander at the wrongdoing spine chiller Takers bollywood movies 2019 trailers, with a top pick cast featuring Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious) as John Rahway, the stalwart Idris Elba (Rock N Rolla) as Gordon Cozier, Michael Ealy (The Good Wife) as Jake Attica, Hayden Christiansen (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) as A.J., Matt Dillion (Traffic) as Jack Welles, and a great exhibition by Chris Brown as Jesse Attica.

We join the film as our heroes are experiencing a bank theft, that goes as smooth as they arranged, leaving no follow as to their personalities or who could have carried out the responsibility, and they even have the graciousness to wave at the surveillance camera (conceal obviously) and offer a mark salute. It is left to two cops Jack Welles and Eddie Hatcher played by Jay Hernandez (The Rookie) to make sense of who did the theft, with fundamentally nothing else to go on aside from the statures of the guilty parties, and their motions to the camera.
This is somewhat not quite the same as other wrongdoing related motion pictures, likewise with any great motion picture we feel compassion for the characters, as we become more acquainted with a tad about their own battles, particularly for Cozier, as he attempts to care for his sister Naomi played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste (28 Days), straight from recovery; in the midst of the activity they are arranging, an occupation that they surprisingly have been approached to do, by one of their partners, nobody in the gathering very trusts, Dalonte Rivers, played convincingly by T.I., who lets them know of an open door he learnt of while in prison, with a few millions to them to acquire, in the event that it goes easily. More info useful reference
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