KitchenAid FPPA Mixer Attachment Pack for Stand Mixers

The vegetable slicer comes as a component of a bigger frill pack that incorporates a meat processor and a juicer mixer grinder flipkart, all things considered the whole unit merits the expense however we are going to simply take a gander at the vegetable slicer work in this audit.
The element that runs the slicer likewise has 3 different parts that enable you to cut more slender cuts and mesh things like cheddar. I attempted the grater capacity out on certain vegetables and it functioned admirably.

The Pros
Speed - I don't figure you will locate a quicker method to cut vegetables. The vegetable slicer can do a whole vegetable speedier than I can complete 3 cuts of a vegetable.
Straightforwardness - Once gathered it transforms cutting vegetables into a procedure so basic even a little kid could do it. (Disclaimer-I would not prescribe enabling a tyke to work any type of hardware). Be that as it may Juicer Mixer Grinder, it reduces cutting vegetables down to stick them in 1 end and have a bowl to get them on the opposite end.
The Cons
Style If you need your vegetables to be consummately cut then this isn't getting down to business for you. The vegetables can sustain in warped, and because of the slicer being recurrent the cuts get progressively oval as you cut every vegetable. This to me was not a major ordeal but rather relying upon your end utilize this probably won't work for you.
Tidy up-This does not tidy up as effectively as a perry blade and cutting board, however it isn't that difficult to tidy up either. When dismantling the item I had a little inconvenience evacuating the slicer embed because of vegetable develop around the border, yet you can run it submerged to extricate up the vegetables and afterward you can get it off.
What I Learned
I learned in this procedure a couple of stunts that make the procedure simpler. In the first place, the feeder has 2 pieces that raise up and press the sustenance down, when utilizing more slender things leave one down and simply utilize the other. When you are doing this I discovered that the vegetables let out simpler on the off chance that you utilize the side that is nearer to the end so the vegetables have less separation to travel and don't get hung up in the slicer.
I utilized the bowl that accompanies the blender to get the vegetables and that worked truly well. Albeit once in a while a vegetable would fly past the bowl and onto the counter.
Generally speaking I found the professionals far surpassed the cons and the vegetable slicer part of the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Accessory Kit is a decent buy. More info check my blog
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